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My First Baby

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Every mother has a birth story. This is mine.

It was 5 days after my due date. My husband and I arrived at the hospital a little before 6 pm and went straight to the birthing center to check in. We were actually pre-checked in, so they were expecting us and took us straight to the room.

I would be induced at 6am.

The night was…uncomfortable. Bed not so comfy, tubes connected to me were awkward, and I had to get up and pee a lot.

I was hoping for any sleep, and I got about 3 hours.

I was already awake, so they induced me a little earlier than 6am. It was an easy morning. Easy for me meant: no contractions (that I could feel) and I was able to stay amused watching tv with my husband. I kept being told by the nurse, “No changes, we’ll just keep upping the Pitocin.”  I was dilated barely a 3 all morning.

The doctor came to check on me at 1pm, and my water broke.  “We’re having the baby today!”

I still wasn’t feeling any contractions, so I was hoping dilation would speed up and I’d start feeling something.  My husband and I decided to watch Disney’s Frozen. I hadn’t seen this movie yet, and we’re having a baby girl, so why not?

We made it about halfway through the movie before my contractions got very bad and frequent, I was on the waiting list to get an epidural…stat!

This was about 3:30pm.

My husband was asked to leave the room while I got the epidural. This was the first time we were apart from each other since we arrived at the hospital. The contractions were so strong (and happening every 30 seconds) the nurse had to put her forehead against mine and tell me to breather before they could poke me with the big needle.

I am happy I decided to get an epidural! It went from pain and tears to no pain and being able to talk on the phone with my mom about how to turn on streaming tv shows at my house.

This means family was starting to arrive, and they were all patiently waiting for baby girl to make her arrival.

Right around 5:15 pm I could feel an enormous amount of pressure, like I needed to start pushing! The nurse checked my dilation and I was finally ready, so they called the doctor to come back to the hospital.

Every contraction was time to push. It was my husband and the nurse coaching me through it…there was one time the nurse left the room and it was just my husband and me. We looked at each other like: what if the next contraction is the push where the baby comes? Luckily, it wasn’t (and I’m sure the nurse knew that) but the realization was that this baby is coming and we were not ready to do it on our own!

About an hour went by. It felt like I was doing a lot of pushing…I was tired, running out of energy, and looked forward to the rest time between contractions. But, this is one thing in my life that I was not able to give up on, so I held onto every positive thing my husband and the nurse were telling me.

Eventually another nurse was called in, and around 6:30 pm my doctor arrived. This must mean the baby is coming soon, right?

I kept being told her head was visible during my contractions, then it would disappear when I wasn’t pushing…how frustrating is that!? Putting my frustration aside, there was a moment during pushing where everyone was cheering and the doctor looked ready…this was the moment my daughter was born.

Charlotte Jean was born August 21, 2015 at 6:53 pm, weighing 8 lbs 12 oz, and measuring 21 inches. Labor was a total of 13 hours, and I pushed for about 1.5 hours.


It was an experience I will never forget.  Sharing the details is hard for me, because I do not usually share these things, but having a baby is something to be proud of!  If sharing my story can help another mother or expecting mom get through their own birthing story, I’m all about sharing it!

What makes me even happier?

This birth story is only the beginning of our lives together.

My First Baby - A Birth Story

Body Changes: Preparing for Baby 2

There may be affiliate links in this post, but they have no impact on my writing. All opinions are my own.


Preparing for Body Changes During Pregnancy

I brainstormed a list of changes to help me prepare for baby 2 in a blog post (read it again HERE). Planning may be the starting motivation I need to go through a whole 9-10 months of pregnancy again!

One of the changes that will be toughest for me is body changes. So, I came up with 5 ways to prepare for body changes during pregnancy…

My belly will get big, my back will hurt, my feet will swell, my head will itch (just to name a few.) At least these are some of the body changes that took place during my first pregnancy…there is honestly no telling if my second pregnancy will be the same. The rule of thumb is every pregnancy is different!

A lot of changes are out of my control, but these are my ideas for what I can do before trying to conceive to help my body get ready for pregnancy:

  1. Cut back on alcohol and caffeine, drink more water! This is a hard one because I’ve enjoyed cocktails a lot this summer! But, alcohol and caffeine can make conception harder and is nothing but empty calories for me. I’m all about starting right now gradually cutting back on alcohol and caffeine, and drinking more water to stay hydrated.
  2. Eat more healthy food choices. I haven’t really paid attention to the types of food I’ve been eating lately, but I agree that providing my body with nutrients is very important before pregnancy. Stocking my fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, eating foods high in calcium, and eating a variety of protein sources is what I’m committed to going forward. I need to say bye-bye to fried foods, saturated fat, and calories with no nutrients!
  3. Lose weight. This will go hand in hand with cutting back on drinking alcohol and eating more healthy foods. Aiming for a healthy weight will not only make conception easier, but may help pregnancy body changes feel less severe. I am right around the pre-pregnancy weight I was at before my first pregnancy, so I can’t help but wonder if starting at a lower pre-pregnancy weight will make it easier? I’m up for the challenge!
  4. Exercise more. This is another thing that will help compliment losing weight! My first pregnancy caused a lot of foot and back pain, so exercising more before my next pregnancy will make it easier to have a fit pregnancy. Since I don’t exercise much right now, I will ease into walking more and aim for 10-20 minutes a day. I will eventually work up to 30 minutes of moderate exercise with resistance training most days of the week. Bring it on! I also like front-carrying my daughter when I’m walking around, it’s like I’m practicing for the extra weight that will be there when my belly grows again.Preparing for Baby Body Changes
  5. Visit my dermatologist. Yes, I want to see my dermatologist! The last few months of my first pregnancy my scalp itched very bad it was painful…I was not able to use any hair product of conditioner, I simply washed my hair daily with itchy relief head and shoulders. The shampoo really helped for immediate itch relief, but the itching was miserable. My daughter is almost 1 year old, and my itchy scalp has gotten better since giving birth, but it still gets itchy sometimes…so, I can’t help but wonder if it will be worse my next pregnancy or magically go away? Either way, I want to discuss with my dermatologist what I can do or what medication I can take during pregnancy (if any) to help alleviate an itchy scalp.

I definitely have a few plans to put in action now, wish me luck! Is there anything you would add to this list?

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Preparing for Body Changes During Pregnancy

Preparing for Baby 2

There may be affiliate links in this post, but they have no impact on my writing. All opinions are my own.


“I can see myself having kids before I’m 20,” said my new boyfriend, Randy. We were definitely getting to know each other with a conversation like this.  My jaw dropped, not only from amazement at how much he loves children to want his own soon (he gave himself 2 years), but also because my plans were wait until I’m closer to 35 before having children (I gave myself 13 years!)  It turned out: we got married on our 5 year dating anniversary, bought a home, got a puppy, enjoyed a summer of exciting vacations, and then we had our beautiful baby girl.  So, what’s next?

With Charlotte almost 9 months old, the question comes up a lot, “when will you be having another baby?”  It’s a normal question, I don’t get upset when people ask me this, it only brings the thought of another baby to the front of my mind. When I think about another baby, I feel happy…growing our family is something we’ve always talked about.

After reading a few bogs about the subject, the opinion of when you should have more kids and how many kids you should have are out there if you look for them. I do agree when I read that it’s my choice in the end and planning for a baby brings on planning for:

  1. body changes (read about it HERE)
  2. lifestyle changes
  3. family changes (read about it HERE)
  4. household changes
  5. financial changes

That’s a lot of changes!  But, after listing it out I’m determined to mentally prepare myself for all these changes: If I put my mind to it, I can do anything because I’m strong enough!

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