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I’m Not OK Today

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Originally published on Her View From Home.

I'm Not OK Today

After a long day at work, my husband bursts through the front door loudly singing an upbeat song which I’m sure he heard on the radio during his drive home. Heck, I heard him singing all the way up the front steps, he doesn’t even need to announce, “Honey, I’m home!”

He is the perfect picture of a happy guy coming home to his girls.

I, on the other hand, had on my grungy clothes, messy hair pulled back, no makeup, fussy baby on my hip (who didn’t take an afternoon nap), a barking dog, two cats howling at me for dinner, and the tune of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse going through my mind over and over and over again.

I think this is the perfect picture of a SAHM.

I quickly hand over the baby and corral the animals to their feeding places so a little peace and quiet can be enjoyed…except that my husband keeps loudly singing.  I give him a glance, so he asks, “Are you OK?”

I wish I could go through the list of everything I didn’t get done around the house today, I still need to fold laundry, cook dinner, feed the baby, take a shower, and enjoy just a little peace and quiet.  Even though I haven’t talked full sentences all day, my mind is mush, so all I can mutter is, “I’m not OK today.”

My vision for the day did not go as planned.  The unexpected happened, and it continued throughout the day.  I was lucky enough to stay in a state of mind to not beat myself up about it, but now that my husband is home I start to feel unaccomplished, messy, and I mentally start to beat myself up.  How do I explain this to him?

As I’m fumbling through the kitchen to put something together for dinner, he sets the baby up in her highchair and feeds her dinner.  OK, that’s one thing that’s no longer on my to-do list.  After we eat, he helps me fold the laundry and put the clothes away, so another thing I no longer need to do.  He then offers to put the baby to bed so I can take a shower. I sigh…there’s my peace and quiet!

At the end of the night, he was the one who stepped up and helped me get past my difficult day. He didn’t come home expecting a clean house, he came home to be with his girls.  I wish I could go back to his arrival home and jump into his arms, give him a big kiss and start singing with him!  It’s a great reminder: some days he will need me to be the loud singer to lift his spirits.

The perfect picture of a SAHM includes someone special to be there and understand when your day doesn’t go OK.  I didn’t have to explain why my day did not go as planned, or what I wasn’t able to get done…all I had to say was, “I’m not OK today.”

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I'm Not OK Today

If I Can Monetize My Blog, You Can Too!

There may be affiliate links in this post, but they have no impact on my writing. All opinions are my own.


Are you a mommy blogger interested in monetizing your blog?

If you answered: “heck yes!” or “eventually…” or “I want to learn more,” then you came to the right place!

My answer to this question 6 weeks ago was, “Eventually I’d like to monetize my mommy blog.” I’m a SAHM who blogs recipes, crafts, and mommy memories from my own stay-at-home journey for other moms to enjoy…but if I could make money while blogging to help contribute financially to my household, why not?!

Monetizing my blog was definitely a pie in the sky dream that sounded good, but I had no idea where to start or where to get quality information. Then I would begin to feel overwhelmed. Blogging already takes up a lot of my free time and I was honestly scared to devote more time towards monetizing my blog when the time I have is so limited.

Chrystie Vachon had become my blogging mentor for many reasons. A few of them are:

  1. She has awesome information on her Living for Naptime website geared towards helping mommy bloggers grow their blogs and social media platforms.
  2. I belong to her Facebook support group Naptime Nation.
  3. She has such a positive outlook and passion for what she does that it is contagious! Her blogging success is very admirable.

So, when I looked into Chrystie’s online course, the opportunity to monetize my blog seemed realistic. Deciding to move forward with the Pageviews to Paycheck course has been a perfect fit for me and my blog! Some of the reasons are:

  1. I can complete the course at my own speed! Sometimes my SAHM schedule gets turned upside down, and my progress in the course is not affected by it. I have lifetime access to the content…even when there are updates or add-ons to the course.
  2. The course is easy to follow! The information is very useful, and I find myself thinking, “I didn’t know that” a lot of the time. The blog changes I’ve made since starting the course are all geared towards being able to easily monetize my blog.
  3. Chrystie is available to answer questions and provide feedback! Participating in the course will also open up an invite to the Pageviews to Paycheck Facebook group. This is where I’ve been able to post my course progress, homework completion, questions about the course, and I receive support from Chrystie and others who are taking the course. It’s also encouraging to see where the other bloggers are at in the course and give them my help and support!

The opportunity to monetize my blog has become a reality with the Pageviews to Paycheck course!

I strongly recommend this course for any mommy blogger who is looking to monetize their blog eventually! or right now! 

Click HERE to sign up today!

If I Can Monetize My Blog, You Can Too!

Summer Memories

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This summer has brought some happy memories.  It’s sweet to relive the moments by looking at pictures and reading my summer blog posts again. My daughter was just a baby, but the experiences we shared with her will be treasured forever. I’m happy to share these again with you!

We started the summer with multiple family weddings. Charlotte was the flower girl in my sister’s wedding, and she was adorable! I shared tips as the Mom of the Flower Girl HERE.


We had a lot of firsts. Charlotte’s first swimming class and going to the splash park with friends were some of our favorites. She definitely loves to be in the water!


We also took her camping for the first time and had a beach day. Watching her explore the water and sand is something I never want to forget! Spending a day at the beach was a lot different with a little one…read my beach with baby experience HERE.


We had some important celebrations for our little girl! The day of her baptism was very special. Our families all came together, and it was a memory I never want to forget! I share my journey leading up to Charlotte’s Baptism HERE.


Talk about important celebrations, she turned 1! I definitely had a lot of mixed emotions about my daughter’s first birthday, so I wrote her a letter HERE. We threw her a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party, and family and friends all came together to celebrate.


One year photos by JR Photography

I feel like I am barely covering all the memories and photos from our adventures this summer. It is difficult for me to let go and look forward to fall. She’s gone from a crawl to taking steps, and she’s walking more every day! I know that my hands will be full keeping an eye on her and we will continue to grow together, but her first summer as a baby is something I never want to forget.

Summer Memories!

To My Firstborn Daughter

There may be affiliate links in this post, but they have no impact on my writing. All opinions are my own.


Dear Charlotte,

Your 1st birthday is only a day away, and I am shocked at how quickly we got here. You have already changed in so many amazing ways, and your Daddy and I are very proud of you.

Some of my favorite moments were when you were a brand new baby. You slept a lot, but there were hours I just held you in my arms and looked at you with eyes full of love and wonder. I remember the first moment I felt a very strong mothering responsibility for you…it was powerful to realize everything in your life starts with me and I am the one who is here to protect you. I promised I would not let you down.


You have done so much for me. Your piercing blue eyes are what helped me get through a lot of days. Staying home to take care of you became my full time job, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. You can just look at me and I’ll be there. You say, “mama” now and it speaks to my heart.

IMG_3584 (2)

There are lots of little things I never want to forget…like how your little hand holds onto my finger, or your giggle is music to my ears it always makes me smile. Of course the milestones have been precious, and your Daddy and I wait for them, but everything you do is a blessing to me.


You have showed me unconditional love. You have inspired me to be a better person. You have affected my life in so many different ways…but I am grateful that my new normal is spending everyday with you.

IMG_6184 (2)

You are blossoming into a beautiful girl. It is bittersweet that you will no longer be a baby, but I hope you let me call you baby girl for a long time to come.

I love you, baby girl, please continue to be you.

One year photos: JR Photography

It’s a Marathon, Not a Race

There may be affiliate links in this post, but they have no impact on my writing. All opinions are my own.


marathon not a race

This is a phrase that was introduced to me through the blogging support group Naptime Nation, and I recently went through some blogging discouragement that forced me to truly believe it.

Discouragement reared its ugly head as I was trying to switch over to a self-hosted blog. I moved from (free) Blogger to (premium) WordPress, thinking that because I was paying $$ it was considered self-hosting. Silly me.

There are different WordPresses: .com and .org

My premium account is .com (NOT considered self-hosting.)

I am a person who dives into opportunities, so as I am learning how to build my site to eventually monetize, if I’m told I need to self-host I am taking the opportunity asap.

So I threw money at a WordPress premium account. Thinking I would magically be in charge of my own site.

Meanwhile, my daughter is needy. She wants mommy attention, she throws tantrums to be with me! Here I am, a SAHM not bringing in much $$ for household contribution, and all of a sudden throwing money away…simply hoping I will make it back soon.

Next, I checkout Bluehost (from a blog referral) and purchase almost immediately. Combining Bluehost with my new WordPress should = self-hosted, right? Wrong…in the sense that there’s a lot more to it than that.

This is where I started to feel like I was losing control (and it was late Friday night, so it’s not like I was able to call customer support to figure it out.) So, I needed to take a step back, breathe and look at why I’m blogging.

Yes, I’d love to make money as a SAHM, but I can’t lose sight of the fact:

  1. Writing has been reintroduced into my life
  2. I want to be home to raise my daughter, not avoid her and focus on my laptop all day.
  3. Blogging is a marathon, not a race.

I may feel ready to earn money and make it a full-time/stay-at-home gig, but I can’t rush it and just throw money at it! So, after finding the air to help me breathe, I needed to let it go for the weekend.

I’m glad I did because Monday morning, I was able to call Bluehost and figure out how to transfer my site over to their servers to be considered self-hosted. I think the frustration on Friday came because it was late at night (after 2 long days of switching from Blogger to WordPress) and I was trying to figure out the Bluehost transfer process by sprinting to the finish line.

I wouldn’t say everything is done and perfect with my site, there is still learning on my end about plugins and how to make it what I want it to be. But, I am happy to say WordPress cancelled and refunded my premium account after they saw my site was transferred to Bluehost.

In the end, I did a lot of work to simply re-do it again. If I could share any tidbits of information with other bloggers who are thinking about switching to self-hosting:

  1. Do your research first and there is no need to sprint!
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask other bloggers questions about how they did it.
  3. If you are interested in starting a new blog, look into hosting sites that provide self-hosting options and stay away from free-options if you’re looking to someday monetize your blog.

marathon not a race

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