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I’m Not OK Today

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Originally published on Her View From Home.

I'm Not OK Today

After a long day at work, my husband bursts through the front door loudly singing an upbeat song which I’m sure he heard on the radio during his drive home. Heck, I heard him singing all the way up the front steps, he doesn’t even need to announce, “Honey, I’m home!”

He is the perfect picture of a happy guy coming home to his girls.

I, on the other hand, had on my grungy clothes, messy hair pulled back, no makeup, fussy baby on my hip (who didn’t take an afternoon nap), a barking dog, two cats howling at me for dinner, and the tune of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse going through my mind over and over and over again.

I think this is the perfect picture of a SAHM.

I quickly hand over the baby and corral the animals to their feeding places so a little peace and quiet can be enjoyed…except that my husband keeps loudly singing.  I give him a glance, so he asks, “Are you OK?”

I wish I could go through the list of everything I didn’t get done around the house today, I still need to fold laundry, cook dinner, feed the baby, take a shower, and enjoy just a little peace and quiet.  Even though I haven’t talked full sentences all day, my mind is mush, so all I can mutter is, “I’m not OK today.”

My vision for the day did not go as planned.  The unexpected happened, and it continued throughout the day.  I was lucky enough to stay in a state of mind to not beat myself up about it, but now that my husband is home I start to feel unaccomplished, messy, and I mentally start to beat myself up.  How do I explain this to him?

As I’m fumbling through the kitchen to put something together for dinner, he sets the baby up in her highchair and feeds her dinner.  OK, that’s one thing that’s no longer on my to-do list.  After we eat, he helps me fold the laundry and put the clothes away, so another thing I no longer need to do.  He then offers to put the baby to bed so I can take a shower. I sigh…there’s my peace and quiet!

At the end of the night, he was the one who stepped up and helped me get past my difficult day. He didn’t come home expecting a clean house, he came home to be with his girls.  I wish I could go back to his arrival home and jump into his arms, give him a big kiss and start singing with him!  It’s a great reminder: some days he will need me to be the loud singer to lift his spirits.

The perfect picture of a SAHM includes someone special to be there and understand when your day doesn’t go OK.  I didn’t have to explain why my day did not go as planned, or what I wasn’t able to get done…all I had to say was, “I’m not OK today.”

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I'm Not OK Today


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  1. You are so lucky to have a partner like this. My husband used to come homd and go to the garage to smoke drink and chat on his phone every night. He thought he was helping by emptying the dishwasher. It’s the emotional connection that all parents need. To be a team that looks after all the members and lifts them up. Btw he shaped up when i told him i was leaving but it shouldn’t have come to that….

  2. Jennifer

    My husband does nothing but bring home a paycheck. It is a very nice paycheck and he says since he makes the money, he gets to do minimal work at home. It is frustrating and disappointing.

  3. Wow he sounds like a wonderful husband and father! My hubby is the same way and I’m so grateful! I have an autoimmune disease and so there are just some days where all I can do it survive and keep everyone alive. It’s nice to have a spouse who gets that.

  4. Love this! So real and raw. I know many (all) moms can probably relate to this at one point or another – I feel like this quite often! Thank you for sharing .

  5. rachel

    this was beautiful!!

  6. I like how you speak about your man.

  7. I’m pretty sure if I was a SAHM I would NEVER be OK. Kudos to you for all of the work day in and day out!

  8. I can totally relate, this was my Friday last week. When my husband got home I was DONE! But he stepped up and helped smooth things over. It’s so nice to have someone help when days aren’t ok.

  9. Oh man, I feel you! We need to let our significant others know when we need them. So glad to hear your man was able to step in and be there for you. 🙂

  10. This was so me today! It’s so hard to balance it all- we just have to give ourselves a little grace.

  11. Right? I am right there with you! I am lucky to have a supportive husband too who puts all three kids to bed every night so that I can have two hands to get things done.

  12. I love this. My husband and I try to make things a team effort, and he definitely does his best to pick up where I leave off.

  13. 100% relate to this! What a perfect description of SAHM life. Sounds like you have an amazing spouse to get you through.

  14. Yes. Every mom can relate to this for sure. So glad your hubby helped you out!

  15. I can relate to this post so much. Some days I get so overwhelmed and when my man comes through the door all I can do is hand him our two month old and tell him I need a shower. He gets me and I’m so thankful that he understands that I’m just not always on top of it all.

  16. This is so where my life is at – thank you for writing this. I have such high expectations of each day at home but there are only so many hours in a day and so many poops/meals/lego messes etc.

    • I set high expectations for myself too…until I have a day like this and realize I need to step back, give myself a little grace, and be realistic with my expectations. Hang in there, Momma, we got this!

  17. Lori Wildenberg

    You have such a supportive husband. Love this story of family love.

  18. Reality! This phase too shall pass. As a Mom with older kids, I want to say to you to keep up the great work and keeping it real. You rock. 😉

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