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Give Your Blog Post a Picture Lift

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Blog Post Picture Updates

Updating some of your blog post images can help bring more traffic to your blog! I have been focusing on Pinterest lately, and I can say if you don’t use Pinterest in combination with your blog, you should rethink and start using Pinterest! It is a search engine (just like Google) where people go to look for things: recipes, DIY projects, gift guides, articles, almost anything…you name it! Bloggers who use Pinterest (including me) usually see majority of their blog traffic from Pinterest.

Have I convinced you yet? Either way, I came up with some tips to improve blog pictures. You could focus on the image dimensions for other social media platforms as well. I’ll cover ideas for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I use Canva because it’s free and easy to navigate. It’s available as a phone app, but I prefer to use my laptop because there are more tools and options to work with. You start by picking a dimension under Canva‘s Create a Design:

  1. Facebook –>
    1. Social Media Posts: Facebook App (810px x 450px)
  2. Instagram –>
    1. Social Media Posts: Instagram Post (1080px x 1080px)
  3. Pinterest –>
    1. Social Media Posts: Pinterest Graphic (735px x 1102px)
    2. Blogging & eBooks: Infographic (800px x 2000px)

Blog Post Picture Update

I like using the Facebook App image at the top of my blog post because it makes a great header, and when you share to Facebook it will usually pull this picture.

I may include the Instagram Post image somewhere in my blog post, but sometimes I only post it on Instagram. It depends on how many other pictures I have. For example, I took more than enough pictures for the Cilantro Lime Chicken & Rice Burrito recipe I did not need to include the Instagram Post image within the post.

I have been moving towards only using Infographic dimensions for pinnable images because I like the height and they do well getting re-pinned. However, I need at least two high quality photos for this dimension to look good, so if I only have one good photo I will still use the Pinterest Graphic. I have a mix of Infographic and Pinterest Graphic dimensions for recent updates I’ve done on my pinnable images:

Blog Post Picture Update

Another thing you may notice in my image updates is I use consistent fonts and colors. When I first downloaded Canva, I was happy-go-lucky with making pins and didn’t focus on using the same fonts or colors. There are SO many of them, it was hard to keep track! Now that I’ve used Canva for a few months, I am more familiar with what fonts I like and use colors that look good with my blog. Most importantly, I stick to them! I would suggest:

  • Narrow down 5 fonts you like
  • Make sure font options are a mix of skinny, fat, cursive, upper-case, etc
  • Never use more than 2 or 3 fonts per image
  • Keep background and font colors consistent (at least within the same blog post)

I also upped my photo quality with better lighting by using a Photo Light BoxI didn’t realize how dark and shadowy my still-image photos were turning out until I compared before and after images side-by-side. This is was a big turning point!

Blog Post Picture Update

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Another image trick I’ve been using lately is hiding the pinnable image in the post. This way it doesn’t show on the post, but if someone shares the post to Pinterest the pinnable image will be an option. I take pride in my pinnable images, so I like to include them in my posts. However, there are instances where I have multiple pinnable images for a post and hide all but one, or I create a new pin image and “keep” the old pin image hidden. I followed these easy hiding image directions: How to Hide an Image in a WordPress Post.

There are many other ways to update your blog post images, but what I shared has worked very well for me recently. My pins are being re-pinned 3x more and my blog traffic has increased 3x!

Blog Post Picture Update

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  1. I love the idea of a collaspible light box! I’ll have to check that link out. When I made a light box it made such a difference too. Good tips, I’m pinning this to my blogging board!

  2. Hey, thanks so much for sharing! I JUST started *trying* to use Canva a week or so ago, and am still figuring everything out. It seems like it will really be a nice program once I get the hang of it! Glad to have found your blog 🙂

  3. GIRLFRIEND! This is a SUPER awesome and helpful post! I’ve been avoiding the use of Pinterest like the plague, what is my problem?! Thanks for the helpful tips!!

  4. val

    Great tips! Thinking of getting a photo light box so I have more flexibility on timing of my pics. Pinning this for later!

    • Getting a photo light box was definitely a game-changer for taking my photos! You’re right about the timing flexibility, take pictures whenever you want 🙂

  5. I love these tips! I am a dedicated Canva user, but I am still learning the ins and outs of blog photos. I will definitely be using these tips. Thank you for posting!

  6. I’m with you. When I first started blogging, I used whatever images and fonts I liked instead of being consistent. You gave lots of good info!

  7. Such great tips! I love Canva!

    One Awesome Momma

  8. Great advice. I’m always struggling with blog photos. Very useful post.

  9. LOVE THIS! I’d been struggling, because the typical pinterest image clashes with the feel of our blog. But now I’m totally going to try hiding the pinnable image! Thank you!

  10. Hannah

    Great tips! I use Canva and I finally narrowed down my fonts and colors which is so helpful to have a cohesive branding look, now i just have to go back and update my previous blog pictures. Thanks for the tip about the Facebook app photo size, I will have to start using that!

  11. The pinnable images you have on this post are so great! They are perfect and very pinnable. 🙂

    I know that my images are dark and shadowy. Your comparison made me want to fix that!

  12. Lots of good info! I definitely need to do this with my past posts!

  13. Pinning this. You have a lot of good information here and you’ve made it easy to understand. I have a question though, is the Canva app available for Android? Because I haven’t been able to find it when I looked before. Gonna look again, hopefully I just missed it.

    • I’m not sure if it’s available on Android (I hope so!) You can still access Canva through their website on your laptop 😉 Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

  14. This is what I am working on right now. I have a lot to do!

  15. Sam

    This is great! There are some really good tips in here that I hadn’t thought of yet (using infographics, lightening up photos). Thanks for sharing this!

  16. Extremely useful you give the actually sizes needs for all the different media sources.

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