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DIY Glitter Heels

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My sister did a lot of DIY projects for her wedding day, and we are working together to showcase these projects on my blog! I’m very excited to feature one of Amy’s fabulous wedding accessories: DIY Glitter Heels.

Amy shared with me how it all started…

“I searched for hours online in an effort find the perfect wedding shoe. The vision I had in my head never matched perfectly with the thousands and thousands of shoes I sifted through online. I wanted something that represented my personality with a pop of color, but I also wanted it to be comfortable in a low heel. (Plus I didn’t want to be taller than my groom! He is only a few inches taller than me.)

It was hard to find the right mint color in the style of shoe that I wanted. The more I looked, the more frustrated I got. There are some companies that allow you to custom design your own shoes, but that can cost hundreds of dollars. I was hoping to spend around $50, but definitely no more than $100. Do I compromise on color? Do I compromise on price? But it’s my wedding, I wanted the perfect shoe!

I was talking with my friend about my shoe struggles when she suggested I make my own glitter heels. She had done it for a Dorothy outfit she’d made (hello ruby red slippers!). I was already DIYing so many other wedding projects, why not add one more to the mix? It seemed like the perfect solution to my budget/color/heel-size issues.”

The great thing about this project is you can make the heels match your desired color in any style heel you want – all for a super low cost! No hoping the color matches, and no compromising on what you want. My sister made the heel exactly as she wanted it and was very happy how they turned out! See below for supplies, instructions, and tips.

DIY Glitter Heels

“I bought cheap white heels in the closed toe, low heel style I wanted from Amazon. With Amazon Prime, it only cost me just over $33 for the shoes. Other than that, my only cost was the glitter, modge podge, and sponge brush. Which means I made my own wedding shoes for less than $50!”


Glitter insight: If you can’t find the right color glitter to match your desired color, no problem! Mix multiple colors together to get the right look. Think of it like mixing paint – you’ll have to play around with it for a while but you will get to the right color. My sis bought light green, teal and white that combined to make her wedding mint color. She was able to match the glitter to her sample mint swatch from the bridesmaids dresses perfectly!

  • Stick with white or nude as your shoe’s base color. This will guarantee the shoe color won’t impact the glitter color once you start gluing.
  • Use extra fine glitter. The larger the glitter, the harder it will be to have a smooth look to your glitter shoe.
  • Glue in sections rather than trying to spread glue on the entire shoe at once.
  • Save your glitter! You’ll run out quickly if you don’t reuse the glitter that doesn’t stick to your shoe. Place a sheet of wax paper underneath your work station to pour back in your glitter container.

Instructions (originally from Something Turquoise):

  1. Start by painting a coat of modge podge (decoupage glue) onto a small section of the heel. Keep your glue strokes as even as possible. If you have excess glue lines after your brush strokes you need to smooth them out, or else the lines will show.
  2. Then shake on the glitter. Apply it liberally and tap the shoe on the table to remove excess. This is where you use a piece of wax paper to protect the work surface and save the excess glitter. You can carefully pat certain areas of the glitter into the fabric if you need to.
  3. When that section is complete, carefully move onto the next. If there are areas of the heel that you don’t want glitter, you can tape them off. Since holding the shoe can be a bit awkward, only paint one side at a time and let it dry for at least an hour before moving on.
  4. Apply a second coat of glitter, and a third if necessary. The steps are the same for the second coat, paint on the decoupage and add the glitter. Don’t apply more than three coats or the glitter will more easily peel off rather than stick to the shoes.
  5. Once completely dry, you will need to paint your new glitter shoe with two coats of decoupage to completely seal the glitter. Each coat needs at least an hour of dry time, if not more. To be safe, let them dry for 24 hours before you wear them.

“I did notice on some of the edges the glitter started to peel up after wearing them a while on the wedding day. It didn’t bother me because you couldn’t tell unless you were staring at the shoes and it didn’t happen until after pictures were taken. Treat your shoes gently so they stay picture perfect for all the photo ops! After that, go crazy.”

DIY Glitter Heels

Wedding photos by Carlson Photography

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  1. They turned out beautiful. Congrats to your sister on the wedding!!

  2. They turned out so perfect! I wish I had thought of this when I was getting married, I remember I searched forever for the perfect shoe and then basically gave up and settled with something. But these are adorable! I would love to try them in a blush pink!

  3. Such a pretty color of glitter that you used. This would be perfect for Halloween costumes.

  4. OMG! I love those. Glitter is my favorite word, well and bedazzle =)

  5. Love love love them. They turned out great.

  6. Great idea and those shoes look fabulous.`

  7. Those are so adorable! Great job mama!!

  8. What a great idea to get exactly what you want.

  9. Kristine-Bites of Flavor

    What a great idea! NO need to spend tons of money on shoes when you can make your own. These would be great for any special occasion. Thanks for sharing!

  10. This is fun and also a great idea for jazzing up shoes with scuffs or for the perfect Halloween costume accessory!

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