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Must-Have Guide for Baking Christmas Cookies

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Baking Christmas cookies is on my must-do list this Holiday season! I created a must-have guide for baking Christmas cookies. Everything you need in your kitchen to make, bake, and store cookies.

I have a lot of these in my kitchen already…but I decided to treat myself and replace my cookie sheets, upgrade my hand mixer, and get more cookie & treat gift boxes so I can share my delicious creations.

Before I start researching recipes, I use this checklist to make sure I have the basics for baking:





The fun part for me is finding cookie recipes! I pick a combination of classic recipes and new recipes. I usually decide on 3-4 different cookies, and get together with friends for a baking day so we can share our treats & cookies. After last year, we decided to include fun cocktails while baking this year (I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before!?)

Christmas Cookie Recipes

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  1. Those are excellent and needful items to bake cookies!

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