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Mom Watching

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We live in the Great Lakes state, so there are many opportunities to visit lakes and beaches throughout the summer.  One of my favorites is Lake Michigan. The sandy beaches and dunes that border the lake extend the entire western coast of Michigan. It’s beautiful on a hot summer day and the cool, crisp water is refreshing to dip in. So, deciding to spend a Saturday at Silver Beach on Lake Michigan was a no-brainer when the opportunity was there!

We packed up Charlotte’s jogging stroller with her beach essentials: sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuit, swimsuit cover up, towel, change of clothes, diaper bag, and her regular meals: baby food, puffs, and formula.  We were ready for anything…or so we thought.

After applying a lot of sunscreen, she splashed in the water with Daddy.  The waves would come crashing in, and even if she got water in her face she would still sing and splash around.  Such a happy baby!

Shortly after playing in the water is when she starting crying.  We now had a very fussy baby, and her Daddy and I tried every trick we had to get her to stop. Nothing we did was working.

We decided to leave our sunbathing friends to walk Charlotte around in the stroller. After we left the beachfront, we changed her into dry clothes and it was like magic: she was quiet and on the verge of falling asleep.

I offered to stay with her under a pavilion as she napped in the stroller, so my husband could get some sun and rejoin our friends.  The beach was very busy, so I could people watch…but I wasn’t watching any person, I realized I was watching moms.

I observed different baby carriers “ooh, I like that one.”  I took mental pictures of moms walking hand in hand with their little ones down the boardwalk, “how precious would that picture be?”  I was smiling a lot, it made me happy to see other moms and their kiddos.

When did I become a mom watcher?

Before Charlotte was born, I’d be laying on the beach and soaking up some sun without a care for the people around me.  Here I was, sitting in the shade as my baby took a nap and I was totally engulfed in the moms, kids, and families around me.

What a great reminder about the simple things in life.  It was great just to see everyone having fun in the sun!  Nothing better could have surrounded me at that moment.

I definitely felt ok just sitting there keeping an eye on my babe as she was off in dreamland. I was in a dreamland of my own…just enjoying the views.

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  1. Beach days sure are different with a little one!

  2. Babes in strollers sure are precious 🙂

  3. I agree, no shame! 🙂

  4. Awww I just love the napping in the stroller photo! I can relate to this so much! Sounds like a lovely day!

  5. Sounds like a beautiful day! I can't wait to have a babe in a stroller again. 😉

  6. HAH! I could totally see myself doing that. Im always checking out strollers and stuff hehehe. No shame! Plus nothing beats watching your baby sleep.

  7. I am definitely a mom watcher too. That's a great perspective. As a mom with a baby, it's easy to feel lonely or left out when you have to stay with a sleeping baby, so I love your outlook on the situation!

  8. Yes! Have realized that these days on the beach as well, m such a mom watcher as well!!

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