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Take one of your favorite photos, an artsy piece of scrapbook paper, and apply it to the front of canvas for a beautiful piece of photo art!


I’ve done this project a couple of times: once with Charlotte’s baby photos, and again for my sister’s wedding shower.  I love how simple it is and how great it looks!  It also makes a great gift.


From the craft store you’ll need: 12×12 scrapbook paper, 12×12 canvas, matte or glossy decoupage glue (like mod podge), and a paint brush.  I picked baby girl themed scrapbook paper for Charlotte’s collage, and wedding themed scrapbook paper for my sister’s collage.  I already had paint brushes at home, any size should work well.


Use the paint brush to apply a thin layer of glue on the canvas. Carefully place the scrapbook paper over the canvas so all four edges line up. Paint a thin layer of glue over top the scrapbook paper to seal it…the more glue you use, the more wrinkles that may appear (most of the wrinkles disappear when the glue dries but you can try to brush them out as well.)  Let dry for 15-30 minutes.  Brush a small amount of glue on the back of the photos and place them where you’d like.  I would then brush glue over the edges of the photo to help adhere to the paper (If you paint glue over the entire photo it could leave a cloudy appearance.)  Let dry 15-30 minutes or until completely dry.


You could also add stickers or other embellishments to have your photo art really stand out.  Have fun with it, the project is yours!