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“I can see myself having kids before I’m 20,” said my new boyfriend, Randy. We were definitely getting to know each other with a conversation like this.  My jaw dropped, not only from amazement at how much he loves children to want his own soon (he gave himself 2 years), but also because my plans were wait until I’m closer to 35 before having children (I gave myself 13 years!)  It turned out: we got married on our 5 year dating anniversary, bought a home, got a puppy, enjoyed a summer of exciting vacations, and then we had our beautiful baby girl.  So, what’s next?

With Charlotte almost 9 months old, the question comes up a lot, “when will you be having another baby?”  It’s a normal question, I don’t get upset when people ask me this, it only brings the thought of another baby to the front of my mind. When I think about another baby, I feel happy…growing our family is something we’ve always talked about.

After reading a few bogs about the subject, the opinion of when you should have more kids and how many kids you should have are out there if you look for them. I do agree when I read that it’s my choice in the end and planning for a baby brings on planning for:

  1. body changes (read about it HERE)
  2. lifestyle changes
  3. family changes (read about it HERE)
  4. household changes
  5. financial changes

That’s a lot of changes!  But, after listing it out I’m determined to mentally prepare myself for all these changes: If I put my mind to it, I can do anything because I’m strong enough!