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It was great to see everyone’s pictures and posts on Mother’s Day.  The ones that stood out to me were posts from new moms…maybe because this was my first mother’s day too!

mothers day

I spent a good portion of Mother’s Day watching my baby girl crawl around the family room. Crawling is a new thing for her, so she isn’t very fast yet, but she has so much balance and coordination picking up her arms and legs to carefully move around. I am watching her grow before my eyes! When I would have a moment of sadness, thinking about how fast she’s growing, I would scoop her up off the floor and we’d snuggle on the couch. I’m afraid snuggling won’t last much longer with her newfound mobility! So, it was definitely a day of roller coaster feelings: extreme happiness and joy for her growth, but tears and sadness for how quickly time is going by.

Motherhood has been a whole journey: going through pregnancy, giving birth, and in the end finding the unconditional love to care for a new baby. The humbling reality is that the unconditional love comes almost instantly…and the journey doesn’t really end there, it’s just the beginning! I look forward to being a mother every day for the rest of my life.