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Welcome to the first post on my blog!  A little about myself: I have always been a writer.  In college I wrote a lot of poetry…a lot of poetry.  I even took a poetry class in the middle of my degree-required science classes because I wanted to write.  In high school I wrote creatively and got published in a few literary journals…it was an outlet for me to write, and I craved it.

My love for writing really started when I was in fifth grade.  My English teacher was so impressed by one of the stories I wrote, “Fluffy goes to the Vet,” that she read it out loud to the class.  This was my first memory of something I became very passionate about over the years.  I probably fooled my parents and some other family members because I did not go to college for writing…I have a science degree in Health and Fitness Preventative and Rehabilitative Programs (sounds long and boring!)  But, my degree is because of a larger passion I had throughout college: working out!  Even though I was all about going to the gym, counting calories, personal training and teaching Spinning classes, I still wrote poems about it. 

As I’ve grown, the things I’m passionate about have come and gone but writing has always been there.  Taking the time to write may be something I’ve neglected over the last 8 years, but as I am trying to find my path as a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) the opportunity to blog about things has become very appealing.  The more SAHM blogs that I read, the more inspiration I have to write my own and open up that writing outlet I once craved.

My goal is to inspire others, so I hope you enjoy reading my blog!